incron  0.5.10
AppArgs Member List
This is the complete list of members for AppArgs, including all inherited members.
AddOption(const std::string &rName, char cShort, AppArgType_t type, bool fMandatory)AppArgs [static]
Destroy()AppArgs [static]
Dump()AppArgs [static]
DumpOption(const std::string &rName, char cShort, AppArgOption_t *pOpt)AppArgs [protected, static]
ExistsOption(const std::string &rArg)AppArgs [static]
GetOption(const std::string &rArg, std::string &rVal)AppArgs [static]
GetValue(size_t index, std::string &rVal)AppArgs [static]
GetValueCount()AppArgs [static]
Init(size_t valMinCnt=0, size_t valMaxCnt=APPARGS_NOLIMIT)AppArgs [static]
IsLongOption(const char *pchStr)AppArgs [protected, static]
IsOption(const char *pchStr)AppArgs [protected, static]
IsValid()AppArgs [static]
Parse(int argc, const char *const *argv)AppArgs [static]
ParseLong(const char *pchStr, std::string &rName, std::string &rVal, bool &rfHasVal)AppArgs [protected, static]
ParseShort(const char *pchStr, char &rcName, std::string &rVal, bool &rfHasVal)AppArgs [protected, static]