Re: incron vs. files of uncertain existence

From: Lukas Jelinek - AIKEN <>
Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2007 18:41:49 +0200

I will try to answer.

> I've got two related issues here, really. :)
> I) Currently, if a path defined in an incrontab doesn't exist, it's just
> ignored. Would it be possible to have a flag (X_IN_MIGHT_NOT_EXIST) which
> would cause the following behavior?
> 1) if path to watch exists, act normally
> 2) if it doesn't exist, set up a watch for the parent directory
> (recursively up to /, if necessary) which would look for the original
> path to be created and at that point
> a) delete the impled parent-directory watches
> b) add the original watch as given in the config file.
> I can think of a rather complicated scheme using the existing system and
> some scripting to recreate this behavior (basically, self-modifying
> incrontabs -- ugh), but it seems like a common enough use case that having
> it dealt with in the main program would be more graceful.

You aren't the first who requests such feature. But I think your idea
might lead to relatively complicated implementation and high overhead in
some cases. I have considered some different solution: to place
non-existing paths into a queue and examine them periodically (e.g. each
15 secs by default). The discussion is still open and the final solution
should comply the most wanted requirements.

> II) I was trying to make a script which acted on changes to /etc/group. To
> my initial puzzlement, the watch would fire once and then be lost. I quickly
> realised: oh yeah, the origial file is being backed up, then a whole new one
> overwrites it. This is causing the watch to get silently lost.
> I worked around this by using "IN_CLOSE_WRITE,IN_ONESHOT" and then touching
> my incrontab (it's in /etc/incron.d; could use --reload for personal
> incrontabs, of course), forcing it to reload.
> This works, but it seems like there's got to be a more elegant way. Would it
> be possible to encapsulate a similar behavior into incrond itself? Again,
> this seems like a pretty common case.
> As a note to the above: if I don't use IN_ONESHOT, this results in
> incrond[19715]: system table rootalias-manager.incron changed, reloading
> incrond[19715]: *** unhandled exception occurred ***
> incrond[19715]: void Inotify::Remove(InotifyWatch*): removing watch failed
> incrond[19715]: error: (22) Invalid argument
> and incrond dies. Oops.

I will copy you report into the BTS and try to analyze it. But please be
patient. I'm currently really busy and can't dedicate much time to incron.


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