works, but...

From: Evert Mouw <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 17:06:22 +0100

Thanks, Lukas, incron works for me! (Ubuntu server 7.10)

It's not useful because recursive watches are not yet supported, but I
can wait for that. When that is ready, it will be easy to sync maildirs
using, for example, isync, and to keep fileservers in sync using unison
with the "-path" option. I'm planning to keep two replicas of two
fileservers in sync using unison, but currently new or modified files
need one hour to pop up in the other location. incron can change all
that - there is much promise.

Btw, the files in /etc/incron.d/ are immediately recognized, good! But
could you please accept tabs as whitespace as well? I am used to using
tabs to delemit columns in configuration files, but incrond does not
recognize that (version 0.5.5). When I converted the tabs to spaces, it

Regards, Evert Mouw
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