Re: Unable to use inotify

From: Lukas Jelinek - AIKEN <>
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 18:57:11 +0100

Hi Anitha,

inotify has been merged to the kernel since 2.6.13. Thus all 2.4
versions (as well as older 2.6 versions) are unable to use this
technology. You can use dnotify instead but it has several serious
drawbacks. dnotify needs one open descriptor on each directory to be
watched. It means you e.g. can't unmount a filesystem which is watched
using dnotify. Additionally, the only way to notify file events via
dnotify is a signal.

If you use 2.6.13 or newer kernel and /proc/sys/fs doesn't appear it
probably means that inotify has not been compiled in. In such case,
recompiling the kernel will be necessary to use inotify.


P.S. Please excuse my long delay. I was a few days off-line and your
message was lost between many others.

> Hi everybody,
> In our office some machines are Linux ver 2.4 some
> are 2.6 versions, i want to use inotify to check file
> system changes .....i am not able to use inotify...
> can u pls guide me how to use inotify .... anything i
> have to install ?.... i am not finding any inotify
> directory in the following path /proc/sys/fs/... in
> your inotify cxx interface you have used it...
> Awaiting for ur replay...
> Thanks
> Anitha
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