From: Beau Dwyer <>
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 10:11:08 +1100


I have incrontab installed and it all appears to be working, but I can't get
it to run a script.

I have a perl script that renames TV episodes using data pulled from web
sites. I am trying to call this when files are placed in folders.

My Crontab looks like this
/RAID/TV/American\ Dad/Season\ 4 IN_MOVED_TO /usr/bin/

This appears in Syslog
Oct 9 09:54:45 MediaBox incrond[5471]: (beau) CMD (/usr/bin/
--folder="/RAID/TV/American Dad/Season 4")

If I manually run the command shown in syslog "/usr/bin/
--folder="/RAID/TV/American Dad/Season 4" the perl script does it's thing,
but the command launched by crontab just doesn't do anything. After much
testing I am thinking maybe it has something to do with the whitespaces
returned in by the $@ but I really am not sure.

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