From: Zeitschel, Philipp <philipp.zeitschel_at_siemens.com>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 14:55:41 +0100


i'm on 0.5.9 self compiled on ubuntu x64

this ist he make output:
acid_at_catty ~/Downloads/incron-0.5.9 $ make
g++ -c -O2 -g0 -Wall -pipe -o icd-main.o icd-main.cpp
g++ -c -O2 -g0 -Wall -pipe -o incrontab.o incrontab.cpp
g++ -c -O2 -g0 -Wall -pipe -o inotify-cxx.o inotify-cxx.cpp
g++ -c -O2 -g0 -Wall -pipe -o usertable.o usertable.cpp
usertable.cpp: In member function »void UserTable::OnEvent(InotifyEvent&)«:
usertable.cpp:352: Warnung: Der Rückgabewert von »int asprintf(char**, const char*, ...)«, der mit dem Attribut warn_unused_result deklariert wurde, wird ignoriert
g++ -c -O2 -g0 -Wall -pipe -o strtok.o strtok.cpp
g++ -c -O2 -g0 -Wall -pipe -o appinst.o appinst.cpp
g++ -c -O2 -g0 -Wall -pipe -o incroncfg.o incroncfg.cpp
g++ -c -O2 -g0 -Wall -pipe -o appargs.o appargs.cpp
g++ -Wall -o incrond icd-main.o incrontab.o inotify-cxx.o usertable.o strtok.o appinst.o incroncfg.o appargs.o
g++ -c -O2 -g0 -Wall -pipe -o ict-main.o ict-main.cpp
g++ -Wall -o incrontab ict-main.o incrontab.o inotify-cxx.o strtok.o incroncfg.o appargs.o

my incrontab looks like this:

acid_at_catty ~ $ incrontab -l

If i make a "touch /home/acid/ifolder/test"

I get following in the syslog:

acid_at_catty ~ $ tail /var/log/syslog -f
Nov 19 14:47:04 catty incrond[1300]: starting service (version 0.5.9, built on Nov 18 2009 14:45:19)
Nov 19 14:47:04 catty incrond[1301]: loading system tables
Nov 19 14:47:04 catty incrond[1301]: loading user tables
Nov 19 14:47:04 catty incrond[1301]: loading table for user acid
Nov 19 14:47:04 catty incrond[1301]: ready to process filesystem events
Nov 19 14:47:29 catty incrond[1301]: (acid) CMD (/usr/bin/unison.ifolder)
Nov 19 14:47:33 catty last message repeated 55 times

As you can see incron goes into a loop and never stops to execute unison
What is wrong?
Tell me if you need more logs or informations!


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