Continued problems with spaces

From: Beau Dwyer <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 21:34:25 +1100


I am still experiencing issues with spaces despite the fix in 0.5.9.

I have tried 0.5.9 from the download page, and even the latest SVN.

my entry looks like this /RAID/TV/Top\ Gear/Season\ 14/
IN_CLOSE_WRITE,IN_MOVED_TO python /home/beau/processtv/ "$@"

The log entry for it looks fine.
Jan 18 21:30:38 MediaBox incrond[3040]: (beau) CMD (python
/home/beau/processtv/ "/RAID/TV/Top Gear/Season 14/")

But when I check the script itself it is being called.
python /home/beau/processtv/ /RAID/TV/Top Gear/Season 14/
(Note the lack of quote marks (")

This causes a problem as the script then only sees the part before the space
as the first variable. So it is as if the script was called.
python /home/beau/processtv/ /RAID/TV/Top

Is there a solution for this?

I also receive the following errors during build (with 0.5.8 onwards)

usertable.cpp: In member function ‚void UserTable::OnEvent(InotifyEvent&)‚:
usertable.cpp:352: warning: ignoring return value of ‚int asprintf(char**,
const char*, ...)‚, declared with attribute warn_unused_result

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