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Date: Tue, 09 Feb 2010 07:01:48 -0500

Seems changes are coming, not primary in inotify and the old dnotify, but in the whole system of fs/notify.
After a long search I think there is a guy called Eric Paris (RedHat) that is currently in charge of notify structures in kernel.
He is actively commiting to the kernel git repository, which can be followed always at
As Eric Paris claims he is preparing the whole thing for upcoming "fanotify" system, which will be more powerfull, sending the possibility to decide which file accessse should be granted to the userspace (if I got right the idea).
Which is of course fantastic, but for many cases we dont need this power, and the inotify does the job at right level. I just needed a little add-on to provide the uid in inotify_event, but now it seems we will have to wait for the fanotify to be introduced first, and after to be decided the future of inotify ...

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