Re: Problem with Debian Sqeeze

From: Lukas Jelinek <>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 22:32:42 +0100

It seems to be a misinterpretation, not a bug. As you can see in the log
file the 'ls' command is executed correctly. I checked it now (on a
brand new installation of Debian Squeeze) and there is no problem. What
you expect your example should do? If the 'ls' command was executed the
way you specified it wrote the directory listing out silently (the
current version of incron passes everything to /dev/null). Try to create
a shell script (eg. /usr/local/bin/ls) doing something like 'ls >
/tmp/lsout' and use it instead of 'ls' (the incron rule would be '/root
IN_CREATE /usr/local/bin/ls'). Then try to repeat your test and check
the content of /tmp/lsout. If your problem persists please describe more
precisely what you expect and how it actually works. Thanks.


> Debian Sqeeze
> Installation from repository with apt-get install incron.
> incrontab -l
> /root IN_CREATE ls
> touch /root/test
> Extract from syslog:
> Jan 26 09:23:55 ns5 incrond[17504]: starting service (version 0.5.9,
> built on Jan 31 2010 23:16:22)
> Jan 26 09:23:55 ns5 incrond[17505]: loading system tables
> Jan 26 09:23:55 ns5 incrond[17505]: loading user tables
> Jan 26 09:23:55 ns5 incrond[17505]: ready to process filesystem events
> Jan 26 09:26:19 ns5 incrond[17505]: table for user root created, loading
> Jan 26 09:26:57 ns5 incrond[17505]: (root) CMD (ls)
> The 'ls' command in the example above is not executed. Other commands
> or program calls tested are not executed too.
> We also tested incrontab without success for normal users. It seems
> it's not working at all.
> The same behavior was observed in two different machines with Debian
> Sqeeze installed.
> Is this a Debian Squeeze bug or did we miss some configuration?
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