Re: Calling script vs one-liner?

From: Lukas Jelinek <>
Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2011 17:53:30 +0100

I've already written about this issue many times. incron doesn't work
like a shell interpreter and thus it can't recognize shell syntax
including output redirection and so on. All the parameters given after
the program executable name are treated as program arguments. Therefore
no error is reported. Currently there is the only way how to use those
constructions like output redirection or pipes: to write a script. There
are some requirements for this such as #0000446 for the future versions
of incron but the more complex way described above must be used for now.


> I had a long query written up about trying to figure out why my table
> wasn't executing the script as I wanted, but eventually figured out
> that as an incron entry this does not work:
> /var/import/foo/file.txt IN_CLOSE_WRITE /usr/bin/php
> /usr/share/importer/run.php foo &> /var/import/foo/report.txt
> but if I have one-line bash script containing same, and have the
> incron entry:
> /var/import/foo/file.txt IN_CLOSE_WRITE /usr/share/importer/bash_script
> Then it works fine.
> This was found through trial and error, what was it about the previous
> entry that breaks?
> (The /var/log/cron file shows the one-liner running, no errors shown.)
> Regards,
> -Patrick Barnes
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