Re: incron fails after dealing with changes done by useradd or userdell

From: Lukas Jelinek <>
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2011 17:01:04 +0100

your strace's output looks strange. Please look at this one from my
testing Debian Squeeze: and use 'grep' for
checking what I say. You can see here that /etc/passwd is open for
writing exactly once but nothing is written (I don'n know why it is done
this way but it doesn't matter). The modification itself is done via
creating /etc/passwd+ and renaming it to /etc/passwd. The same applies
for userdel for example.

It means that incron works well for it. But it is impossible to monitor
such changes by hooking on /etc/passwd because incron inherently loses
the appropriate kernel watch. There were some discussions about
re-arming such watches (by incron) but this would be a dirty solution as
there is inherently some delay between the given event and re-arming the

If you want to monitor such events please place the watch on the parent
directory (/etc for here) and set the appropriate filtering, e.g. in a
script. It will generate many commonplace events but you always get
everything related to the object you need.


> On 03/07/2011 06:37 PM, Lukas Jelinek wrote:
>> Hi Patryk,
>> this kind of problems was discussed many times here and almost always these problems
>> were classified as "correct but unexpected behavior" (not a bug). Please use "strace"
>> and send its output to the mailing list. I think useradd may behave different ways and
>> there is no chance to move forward without more detailed information. Thanks.
>> Lukas
> Hi Lukas,
> Please find the strace here:
> Please note this contains output from launch up till useradd. There was no reaction during
> userdel after the useradd.
> Kind regards,
> Patryk
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