Re: availability for Mac

From: Paul Hammond <>
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012 10:07:53 -0700

Thats a real shame

I love what you have done with incron.
We use it to monitor a directory and then send files to Amazon S3. Works like a charm

Guess I need to use folder watch and applescripts on the OSX

Anyway, keep up the great work and thanks for making my world that much better


On Mar 26, 2012, at 2:51 PM, Lukas Jelinek - AIKEN wrote:

> Thanks for your interest but incron for Mac OSX is not available. And I unfortunately don't know any Mac OS X developer who could port incron onto this system. If you find such developer please let me know.
> Regards,
> Lukas
>> Is this available for Mac OSX Lion?
>> I have a production system using incron (love it!!!!) Red Hat
>> Want to run a dev system on a MAC with OSX and was wondering if any one has ported this
>> Thanks in advance
>> Paul
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