Re: Watching subdirectories

From: Lukas Jelinek - AIKEN <>
Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 21:21:44 +0200

I think some clarification is necessary.

- INOTIFY is a technology for watching filesystem events. It's a
standard part of the Linux kernel (since 2.6.13).
- INOTIFY-CXX is a C++ interface for INOTIFY. It is intended for
simplier and more comfortable use of INOTIFY.
- INCRON (a.k.a. INOTIFY CRON) is a cron-like system which executes
command on filesystem events.

As I know there is currently no application supporting watching files in
subdirectories. Please be patient - incron WILL support it in the near


> Hi Lukas,
> Thanks for your reply. I need a cron that support watching files in
> subdirectories. I heard about another two crons, inotify & inotify-cxx.
> Does these support this feature? If not please specify cron that
> supports this feature.
> Regards,
> Madhan Kumar .N
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