incron loses track of files edited by vim

From: james bardin <>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 16:16:16 -0400


When incrond is watching a file in /etc, repeated edits of the file
will cause incrond to lose track of it.

I'm using the following incron entry for testing, where /tmp/
simple logs `date`.
/etc/test IN_CLOSE_WRITE /tmp/

I can repeatedly touch /etc/test, and incron triggers.
If I open /etc/test in vim, the first edit triggers incron, but
subsequent edits do not.
After this, touching /etc/test no longer triggers incron either.
Sometimes, reloading the table doesn't work either, and the service
had to be restarted.

I've confirmed this on both centos and ubuntu machines, and with the
latest version of incron.

We're using it to watch some config files, and most people use vim to
edit them, so this has tripped me up a couple times.

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