Re: incron loses track of files edited by vim

From: <>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 22:53:41 +0200

I have copied your report into the bug tracking system (as the issue
#0000338). This behavior of incron isn't intended of course. Please help
me to locate the problem. Enable monitoring of all events
(IN_ALL_EVENTS), proceed the described steps and paste the appropriate
log lines into the BTS (, registration is required)
or send them to me. Thanks.


> Hello,
> When incrond is watching a file in /etc, repeated edits of the file
> will cause incrond to lose track of it.
> I'm using the following incron entry for testing, where /tmp/
> simple logs `date`.
> /etc/test IN_CLOSE_WRITE /tmp/
> I can repeatedly touch /etc/test, and incron triggers.
> If I open /etc/test in vim, the first edit triggers incron, but
> subsequent edits do not.
> After this, touching /etc/test no longer triggers incron either.
> Sometimes, reloading the table doesn't work either, and the service
> had to be restarted.
> I've confirmed this on both centos and ubuntu machines, and with the
> latest version of incron.
> We're using it to watch some config files, and most people use vim to
> edit them, so this has tripped me up a couple times.
> Thanks
> -jim
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