Re: Problem with incron and unzip

From: Samat K Jain <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 11:39:52 -0500

On Tuesday 20 January 2009 4:42:48 am Kumer, Franjo wrote:
> I am working on a project AutoPatching.

For other people reading this thread, I feel as if I have to mention, autopatching like this is a BAD idea... but I am sure you understand the risks.

> I appended all files that are involved. The most interesting is AutoErr.log.

The contents of AutoErr.log seem pretty self-explanatory... the zip file is bad? I confirmed this when I downloaded the file you provided, renamed it from .txt to .zip, and ran unzip against it:

$ unzip -t
error []: missing 1 bytes in zipfile
  (attempting to process anyway)
error []: attempt to seek before beginning of zipfile
  (please check that you have transferred or created the zipfile in the
  appropriate BINARY mode and that you have compiled UnZip properly)
  (attempting to re-compensate)
    testing: pozeni.sql OK
    testing: xxxxxxxr.rep OK
    testing: xxxxxxxr.fmb OK
    testing: RZP_IZRACUN_PZZ.pks OK
    testing: RZP_IZRACUN_PZZ.pkb OK
    testing: naslov.txt bad CRC 691786f0 (should be ade8a8dd)
file #7: bad zipfile offset (local header sig): 110845
  (attempting to re-compensate)
    testing: MG_NS-0544-2008.lst OK
    testing: authentication.lst OK
    testing: 1recompl.logr OK
    testing: 2recompl.logr OK
    testing: 3recompl.logr OK
    testing: 4recompl.logr OK
At least one error was detected in

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