Problem with incron and unzip

From: Kumer, Franjo <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 10:42:48 +0100

Dober dan iz Slovenije
I am working on a project AutoPatching.
We have an outsourced application. It is in very dynamic state. We have to install a lot of patches. We have Oracle dateabase and Oracle IAS for middle tier. Patch is delivered to us in zip file. Part of zip content is to be copied to Internet Application server, another part is database package and so on.
I decided for Linux server - Centos 5.2
First I tried with cron, but it is too slow - it fires evey minute - long time to wait (I'm kind of impatient DBA).
I found incron and I installed last version 0.5.8
There I created directory Download. When zip file is copied into this directory, shell script is to be launched. The script has to extract content of zip file and do all the job.
I appended all files that are involved. The most interesting is AutoErr.log.
NOTE : I had to rename into ins-0534-2008_test.txt Outlok rebels against sending zip files
All works fine, but unzip is striking - BUG???
And the funniest thing is that zip works,HA!
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