system event and function triggered but nothing happens

From: jared <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 09:16:39 -0500

I ended up using the "IN_ALL_EVENTS" mask to make sure there is a trigger.

I know my command/function/script works because when I paste it in the
terminal it works fine.

I know the event is getting picked up by incron because I can see the event
register in the /var/log/messages, and the command that is executed is the
same exact one I put into the terminal that works.

but the action is not happening, even though the computer is telling me.

This is what is to happen:
I drop a pdf into a folder
incron recognizes an item being dropped into the folder
my script is executed (the script converts a pdf to jpg then deletes the
pdf file, conversion is through imagemagick)

again, I know the script works as when I paste it in the terminal it works.
I know incron is seeing the action as it is logged in /var/log/messages and
notes the CMD which exactly matches what I paste in the terminal.

the only problem is when I drop the pdf into the folder and incron registers
in /var/log/messages nothing happens in the folder with the pdf.

is there some thing I am missing?
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