incron on ubuntu 10.04

From: Thang Nguyen <>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 18:15:07 -0400


Lukas, I appreciate the work you've put into this; it's exactly what
I'm looking for. I was able to use incron via apt-get install, but I
wanted to use the latest available version and had some difficulty
with installing..

make and make install run fine, and the binaries are in place, but the
service is not installed. The daemon wasn't running when I did ps aux
| grep incrond... So I added a file to the upstart:
/etc/init/incron.conf with a barebones conf to get it working. This
seems to work for me, now at least. Should there be a file
/etc/init.d/incron? Or did I miss a step?


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