Re: incron on ubuntu 10.04

From: Lukas Jelinek <>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 00:53:46 +0200

due to differences between various Linux distributions, I don't provide
init scripts for incron. This work is done by distributions' package
maintainers. I'm not familiar with Ubuntu and thus I can't give you
specific recommendations. But generally, you can install an older
version of incron, then make the latest version and simply overwrite the
older executable files (incrond and incrontab). It's a "piggy" method
but should work.

> Hello,
> Lukas, I appreciate the work you've put into this; it's exactly what
> I'm looking for. I was able to use incron via apt-get install, but I
> wanted to use the latest available version and had some difficulty
> with installing..
> make and make install run fine, and the binaries are in place, but the
> service is not installed. The daemon wasn't running when I did ps aux
> | grep incrond... So I added a file to the upstart:
> /etc/init/incron.conf with a barebones conf to get it working. This
> seems to work for me, now at least. Should there be a file
> /etc/init.d/incron? Or did I miss a step?
> Thanks,
> Thang
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